Missing Persons

How many times have you thought, “I wonder what ever happened to John”, or “How long has it been since I saw Harry”? Wouldn’t it be fun to locate an old flame? See how his life has gone, what he’s doing.

But, life can also be fleeting, the way our best friends can slip away while we’re busy and we don’t notice they’re gone. After obtaining my Private Investigator’s license, one of the first things I did was look for a childhood friend that I had lost along the way, only to find out she had died September 11, 2001. How sad I felt to think she was gone and we had missed so much time together through the years!

Then there are family members with whom we’ve lost touch. What about your brother’s son, your nephew who moved away and you haven’t heard from in three years? You don’t even know what state he’s in. Wouldn’t you like to find him?

And if you divorced your husband, only to have him move out of town and leave no forwarding address, wouldn’t you like to find him so that he can fulfill his legal obligation of supporting his children? These are some of the incentives for creating Knoxville Investigation Services — to aid PEOPLE like you.

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